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Welcome To Diamond Mats


Image:  Diamond MatsWelcome To the online home of Diamond Mats!

Since 1999, Diamond Mats has been manufacturing styling enhancements for many fine cars.  We are the orginal in the world of Diamond plate floor mats, and now after a decade in business, we are still the leader!  We have been copied often, but have yet to be duplicated.

Our mats Diamond Mats look the best, fit the best, and no one beats our prices!  We are beyond fair, and our goal is to give your vehicle the style it deserves.

Image: Diamond MatsWe have an extensive portfolio of customer's cars that we have helped "trick out"; proof that we're serious about making your car's interior look far better than anyone else's on the road or in a showroom.

To put it simply, we make the best mats for the lowest price - GUARANTEED!