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Dodge STEALTH aluminum floor mats
Dodge STEALTH aluminum floor mats
$ 175.00

Dodge STEALTH aluminum floor mats

DiamondMats  DiamondMats 



Custom fit Driver side and Passenger side  mats shaped  for the Dodge Stealth models

Front and REAR mats are custom shaped




Design:  Model specific Shape will fill entire floor area for perfect coverage

Style:  Bold appearance adds character with function  

Material: Real diamond plate aluminum .050" thick (aprox. two stacked nickels with raised diamonds)

Finish:  Matte black with exposed Metal diamonds

Construction: CNC machined for precise fit and finish with smooth edges

Original:  DiamondMats are rare Art for your car. Produced by me  METALMAN GETCH  in small numbers

SPECS:  Each front mat weighs about 1.8 lbs.   Each rear 1 lbs.  Ultra durable yet light weight

Installation:  Slide into position no special installation required. Simple to adjust to exact floor well degree

Stability:  Full floor coverage with Rigid construction minimizes moment side to side and front to back

Maintenance:  Simple to Clean with vacum or remove and hose off with Soap and water.  Super fast air dry

Durability:   Guranteed for LIFE !  they Cannot ware out, rip, break, fade, peel, dent, crack, or smell